#Blogaction14 #Business: To invest in Equality (of perspectives) is to invest in future


Today is Blog Action Day, a bloggers event that has been going on since October 2007. An event in which bloggers around the world come together to discuss a particular topic from our different perspectives.

To see how the same topic can be dealt with from different angles is an experience worth reading. This year the chosen topic has been «inequality«, and you can find here the list of the blogs, that are taking part in the event this year.


Those who find themselves in the «1.0 paradigm» believe that inequality will increase, and that economical inequality is on the grow. Those who have this believe have had access to the best education according to their standards, or to an obsolete education according to others, an education anchored in the past century. Among other reasons, because they are following their own endogamic paths, and are so self-centered in their own paradigm, that they seem to have lost touch with reality or seem at a loss, looking for culprits for the paradigm changes we are living, and unable to give answers to a market, due to the obsolete, incompetent or inexperienced work they are carrying out.

Their ultimate expression, those who seem to think the market is a big «Monopoly» game and so «self-focused» that are ignoring the digital and cognitive gap they are heading for.

Why should we support «equality«? Firstly for the cost of «inequality» itself and the great benefits «equality» brings about, on our daily basis at social, entrepreneurial and personal levels.

From my perspective, inequality is a social toxic liability for the great economic cost it has, for its negative effects on the atmosphere (insecurity, delinquency, poor entrepreneurials environments …), on our values (corruption, clientelism, dependencies …) or the unsustainability of a system that, among other questions:

  • Promotes spending in security instead of investing on prosperity and sustainable development.
  • Perverts financial sources, like the stoke market, which on top of being a speculative tool, has ended up being a russian roulette (thanks to all the leaks coming from social nets and media). Investing in the stock market has ended up being less profitable than investing in education.

«A society that invests in early years education, promotes schooling, reduces delinquency, improves children skills and leads them to obtain a better economical statue in their future professional life. A higher level of income, leads to a better lilfe quality, contributes to higher taxes payment and, therefore, a growth in social welfare. Investing in measures that reduce differences among kindergarden children is a profitable investment.» (Source INED21)

  • Financing obsolete industries instead of investing in actualizing them or in up-coming sustainable industries and markets.
  • Promotes «lowcost» and prize positioning, when it is added value what enables us to mark a difference.
  • Difficults companies stabilization, when quality is the goal.
  • ….

Against all this negative expenditure, «equality«, respecting as «equals»the diversity of opinions, to have the ability to go deeper in them, brings about a series of advantages and benefits, such as:

  • Benchmarking and innovation ability, and constant improvement at all levels
  • Potential sustainable solutions
  • Potential increase in profit margins
  • Potential creation of new markets
  • Capacity to take advantage of the different market cycles
  • Boost productivity and rentability

We could further deepen and would still find that inequality is a cost, a toxic social liability, against equality, a real social asset. In the «equality» of perspectives, the more we respect and take into account different opinions, the better chances we´ll have in finding answers and sustainable solutions to the challenges that globalization and the social media presents.


In conclusion, as a nation, as a business or as a freelance, investing in «equality» is investing in our future

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