Strategy and Talent: 4 Keys to build a [3.0] culture of «talents»

As some time ago it became fashionable the importance of innovation for sustainability of companies, this season is talent. Probably because talent is what we need to create 3.0, innovative , horizontal and «networking» cultures,  which are being shown as more agile and able to adapt to the market movements.

From my perspective, the importance of talent is not so much to find, attract and retain, but to be able to build 3.0 cultures that promote and develop the individual talent of their members. Ultimately, entrepreneurial talent is the sum of individual talents, if we want to achieve agile and «stable» organizations  …

… understanding «stability», a company that can anticipate the changes that the market carries.

… understanding «talent», passionate and committed professionals at work.



To build such a 3.0 culture, we need a basic strategy that looks beyond what it is considered «long term» today (5 years ), with values ​​integrated into the routine behaviors of its members. Hence the importance of well identify our base strategy before any business plan, if you are an entrepreneur, or check it in depth if we are a company that want to introduce into the 2.0 and 3.0 reality.

The Mission talks about what we do:

– 1.0 Mission: normally refers to specific products and services. Telephony , Internet …
– 2.0 Mission: Needs to resolve: Communication speed.
– 3.0 Mission: Solutions to provide?: communication solutions?

The vision talks of what we want to achieve:

– 1.0 Vision: To be leaders, best-selling …
– 2.0 Vision: Value » added »
– 3.0 Vision: Identity and Differential value

Values of ​​how (positioning) and with whom we have a greater chance of achieving that success, our stakeholders …. whether they are employees, shareholders , suppliers, customers …

– ​​1.0 Values: mercantile («Profit organization»)
– 2.0 Values​: entrepreneurial (internal stakeholders)
– ​​3.0 Values: Social (Ethics, RS)

We have the idea that values ​​are somewhat «utopian» and, for many companies/professionals, just a question of image, when our values ​​permeate our actions:

What do you value ? My family … show me your calendar … (Source: Cristina Rubio)

Values​​, along with the Mission and Vision, determine our motivation, our positioning and provide depth to generic, and key skills:

The expected behaviors of a Finance specialist, for example, will be different if we talk about a company with ​​purely mercantile values, that if the company takes into account their social function and responsibility.

Which is neither good nor bad in itself, provided we hire professionals with a type of values ​​and motivations complementary to those of the company, so that communications and relations flow because goals, values ​​and motivations are similar and convergent, regardless of our predominant behavioral type or types.

Among other things because it is much easier to adapt behaviorally, shape our behavior in a given situation, than to change or go against our values, which ultimately leads to a high cost usually either family or health.

It is in this kind of environments where conditions are met to develop 3.0 intrinsic and natural talent cultures to the company. [3.0] Cultures that equal or exceed the expectations risen, because they are the sum of similar and complementary expectations of its members (although personally be clear that today, those companies with the capacity and potential of «stability and sustainability » are those transcend purely mercantile values).

In summary, four fundamental keys to building a 3.0 culture of «talents» are:

  1. Identify the mission, vision and values ​​consistent with the practices of the company
  2. Determine the competence profile consistent with the values
  3. Identify and know the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of these profiles
  4. Meet or exceed the expectations raised


Image Source : Entrenando tu Talento via Google

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